Tom Kitwood on Dementia

ISBN: 9780335222711

Tom Kitwood on Demen..

Autor: Clive Baldwin; Andrea Capstick

annotated edition

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How does Kitwood''s work contribute to our understanding of ''the dementing process'' and the essentials of quality care? How was Kitwood''s thinking about dementia influenced by the wider context of his work in theology, psychology and biochemistry? What is the relevance today of key themes and issues in Kitwood''s work? Tom Kitwood was one of the most influential writers on dementia of the last 20 years. Key concepts and approaches from his work on person-centred care and well-being in dementia have gained international recognition and shaped much current thinking about practice development. The complexities of Kitwood''s work and the development of his thinking over time have, however, received less attention. This Reader brings together twenty original publications by Kitwood which span the entire period of his writing on dementia, and the different audiences for whom he wrote.Almost ten years after Kitwood''s death, it is now timely to review his contribution to the field of dementia studies in the light of more recent developments and from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective.
The introduction to this Reader summarises and problematises some of the key characteristics of Kitwood''s writing. Each of the four themed sections begins with a commentary offering a balanced consideration of the strengths of Kitwood''s work, but also of its limitations and oversights. The Reader also includes a biography and annotated bibliography. "Tom Kitwood on Dementia: A Reader and Critical Commentary" is key reading for students of social work or mental health nursing, with an interest in dementia care. Professionals working with people with dementia will also find it invaluable. Additional contributors include: Habib Chaudhury, Deborah O''Connor, Alison Phinney, Barbara Purves, and Ruth Bartlett.

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