Musculoskeletal Trauma Simplified

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Musculoskeletal Trau..

Autor: Shivani Gupta

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A simple case-by-case approach to the different types of orthopedic fractures. The book has been written for residents, registrars, newly qualified doctors and medical students, primarily targeted to those in the fields of diagnostic radiology, orthopedic surgery and emergency medicine. There are a variety of texts that exist but they lack simple images and explanations from which a fundamental base of skeletal trauma can be formed. Some of the standard textbooks are still too advanced and lack the basic knowledge. This book is divided into sections by anatomic location, each containing a number of cases which includes a brief clinical description, physical examination, followed by radiological images. Several questions are then asked, including the most likely diagnosis and followed by brief discussions on radiological findings and clinical management. With this format readers can test their knowledge on important orthopedic fractures as seen on a plain film. Furthermore, they can integrate this information with the standard clinical management involved with that specific disease entity.

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