Clinical Tests for the Musculoskeletal System

ISBN: 9783131367921

Clinical Tests for t..

Autor: Klaus Buckup

288 S. 2., nd edition

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The mainstay of orthopedic diagnosis continues to be the physical examination of the patient following a thorough history. This convenient pocketbook presents a comprehensive collection of the clinical tests that are used in orthopedic diagnosis, thereby answering the following questions:

- What tests are available for examining a particular joint, and how are they to be interpreted?
- What is meant by the name of a test that is mentioned in the literature or in a physician''s report?

The methodology and interpretation of all relevant test procedures are presented in almost 500 instructive drawings and brief descriptions:

- Initial tests
- Functional tests
- Stress tests
- Stability tests

Tables on the examination of the spinal column, shoulder joint, and knee joint help in selecting the most suitable examinations.

An invaluable aid for physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and primary care or emergency room physicians, the new edition has been edited to remove less common tests, and to include new ones.

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